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AUGUSCO, NSMQ 2019 Champions

End of contest: St. Augustine’s College: 39ptsPresec, Legon: 34ptsSt. Peter’s SHS: 25ptsAUGUSCO!!!! #NSMQ2019 #NSMQ2019Finals pic.twitter.com/KZX13O5GVN— NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) July 11, 2019

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Tomorrow is the ‘D’ day. Who wins NSMQ2019?

Tomorrow’s the day! The ultimate show down between these three schools: PRESEC, Legon, who are looking to make it their sixth trophy, St. Peter’s SHS, who want to defend their title as reigning champions & St. Augustine’s College, who are looking to end their 12-year drought. Tomorrow’s the day! The …

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NSMQ 2019 Semi final recap

3 schools, one spot! Great TESS • Wey Gey Hey • PERSCO Up next! #NSMQ2019 #NSMQ2019Semifinals pic.twitter.com/7oCLBs7SfN— NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) July 8, 2019 Our first Semi-finals contest will feature Presbyterian Boys’ SHS-legon, Opoku Ware School and Adisadel College at 8:00am. Venue is the R.S Amegashie Auditorium. Which school will progress …

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NSMQ2019 Quarter final recap

First Quarterfinals Contest. Which school makes it to the next stage? #NSMQ2019 #NSMQ2019OneEighth pic.twitter.com/VbjS3ikeYj— NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) July 4, 2019 Vela Damus! Pope John SHS. Excited about the contest this morning? Pope John | PRESEC, Legon | St. John’s #NSMQ2019 #NSMQ2019OneEighth pic.twitter.com/sQjmJ9AIYV— NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) July 4, 2019 End of …

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#NSMQ2019oneEight recap

End of contest:Wesley Girls' High School: 55ptsAkwamuman SHS: 24ptsBreman Asikuma SHS: 14ptsLadies!!! That was one superb performance. See you at the Quarterfinals! #NSMQ2019 #NSMQ2019OneEighth pic.twitter.com/CvlC07nCUK— NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) June 28, 2019 End of Contest: Kpando SHS: 45pts Kumasi High School: 31ptsAburi Girls’ SHS: 15pts#NSMQ2019 #NSMQ2019OneEighth pic.twitter.com/FqvxR95Znb— NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) June …

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NSMQ 2019 Prelims balloting chart

UPDATE: If you watched the final episode of the #NSMQReviewShow over the weekend, we mentioned that during #NSMQ2019 we’ll be introducing a new balloting system for the Preliminary Stage contests. @NSMQGhana @Hiskul_xtv pic.twitter.com/wwUxLqsQcl— BRAGGING HOUSE ?NSMQ19???? (@kwakusqually1) June 12, 2019 GHHIGHSCHOOLS.COM WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST YOUR ALMA MATER..OUR …

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