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Two SHSs clash as a result of a friendly football match

A source has revealed to GH High schools Network that students at the Armed Forces Secondary Technical School in Accra have beaten and injured several students at the St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School after losing a football match Friday evening.

The game started like any other for the school’s football players, but ended in travesty as scores of Armed Forces students attacked their rivals after trailing behind with a score of 2-0.

“They threw stones and threatened us,” said a St. Thomas Aquinas student, who chose to comment anonymously. “I saw one of our students bleeding and another collapsed.”
He said he is unaware about the current condition of the injured students. Authorities were not at the scene when the beatings took place, he said, but bystanders intervened and asked that the attackers stop.

“I was attacked but I am fine,” said the student when asked if he was injured. He believes there were about 100 assailants. He managed to escape the violent attacks by running through a bush.

Another source said St. Thomas Aquinas’ students were forced to hide at vantage points for safety.

To the perpetrators who attacked the St. Thomas Aquinas students, “I have nothing to say,” the student said.

The Armed Forces Secondary Technical School did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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