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High school selection
Tips on how to choose the right high school

Tips on how to choose the right High School

High school selection
Tips on how to choose the right high school

Being it public or private high school. For those who are about to make their choices for the various senior high schools they want to attend, must read this article!

I have interviewed a lot of ‘freshers’ from different high schools, just to know If they were happy about their school and to my utmost dismay about 60% percent of Freshers are not happy about the school they got admission. This include students from all the popular high schools you can think of.

Here are four aspects to consider to help you choose the right high school for your student.

** Accessibility
Private high schools are clearly more costly than public schools since private schools require tuition and public institutions are free. However, even if students are financially eligible for free public charter schools, they still may have trouble being admitted due to lottery admissions. So, being able to afford a school or get into a school should be a major consideration for families.

But while there are issues to consider involving admissions accessibility, there are also ones involving physical location. How close is the school to home? Is there busing? How a student is going to get to a school is important, especially when some schools don’t offer transportation to students.

When considering high schools, you’ll want to consider distance from home or transportation options. If transport to high school isn’t the traditional busing format, sometimes schools will provide bus passes for students to use public transit to get there on their own.

** Accommodation

Yes I know the school is not a place for sleeping but not withstanding that, having a good rest plays a major role when it come to studying. so being a ‘boarding’ or ‘day’ student you must have a comfortable place to sleep.

** Environment
Is it easy to fit in? Are there diverse extracurricular opportunities? These are questions parents and students may ask themselves, and Niche K12 offers reviews and stats to answer these questions.

In terms of fitting in, check out demographics to get an idea of what to expect. Student poll responses can also provide an idea of what kinds of students are attending the school.

Mining through stats, demographics, and reviews gives students an idea of whether this may be a good fit for them.

Here’s a look at how students feel about Health & Safety at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago.

**Health & Safety

Other aspects to consider include how schools respond to safety issues through administration and policies and whether students engage in dangerous behaviors, like drugs and violence. In Niche’s Bullying Report Card, results revealed that private school students report having an extensive anti-bullying policy more so than public school students, so if bullying is an issue for a student, parents may want to consider a private school

** Outcomes
Another important aspect when choosing the right high school is looking at what students do and where they go following senior year.
Standardized test scores can also be a consideration:
Educational outcomes are a decisive element when choosing the right high school because they help parents and students see a little glimpse into the future to see whether a school will challenge a student or be a good fit academics-wise. Plus, a school with high SAT and ACT test scores may help a student get into college since these scores are often a big factor when it comes to admissions.

The Bottom Line
There’s a lot of emphasis on choosing the right college, but sometimes figuring out the right high school can be just as important. There are more options now for students than there were decades ago, example the Computerized school selection system CSS. with families given a lot to think about when it comes to secondary education.

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