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wesley girls shs
wesley girls shs

If you are dreaming to become a student of this great noble school, Wesley girls’ senior high school. Also known as (Wey Gey Hey) then you must read this short article to abrace yourself with these major rules of the school.

1. Girls are to wear decent and simple dresses in school.
Spaghetti top clothes that are see-through or reveal vital part of a girl’s body are not allowed.
2. Clothes must be washable.
3. Girls are to look neat and groomed at all times.
4. Girls are not allowed to plait their hair while in school.

1. Going to the dinning hall during meals is compulsory.
2. Eating in the dinning hall during meal times is also compulsory
3. Prepared food from home is allowed only on visiting days.
4. Food must not be sent to students through any means (e.g. S.T.C., E.M.S., People). Parents must bring the food themselves during visiting days.

1. Girls are visited only on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month.
2. Visitors are to be received at the specified areas in the school – the Car Park, Assembly Hall, Jasper Square and Compton’s Bridge.
3. Girls are not to sit in cars to entertain visitors.
4. Males visitors must be neatly dressed. Those from High Schools must be in their.prescribed uniforms and their school ties.
5. No eating with visitors during visiting hours.

Girls are not called out of class or school functions to receive visitors. Sundays are not visiting days

1. Every student is expected to take part in the cleaning of the school. Girls who cannot take part in any form of cleaning would have to be day students.

1. The school does not believe in extravagance. Students are not to be given huge sums of money at any given time as pocket money.
2. Students must be content with what they have.
3. Stealing attracts severe sanctions.

1. Students can use the pay phone in the school over the weekends. Emergency calls are handled in the Headmistress’s office.
2. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited
3. Parcels (other than food) can be sent to students. They are received at the General Office and distributed to students at a given time after school.

1. On re-opening days, students are to report before 5:00 p.m.
2. Once the student enters the school, official permission must be sought if she wants to go out of the school.

Girls who do not report on re-opening dates will stay in school after the vacation date to catch up.

1. Girls are given exeats when it is extremely necessary.
2. Exeats are given for the following events:
Weddings of parents, Funerals of parents and siblings.
3. External examinations must be scheduled to be taken during vacations.
Note: Exeats are not given for travel arrangements or other social functions. The last three (3) weeks before any vacation are for the writing of terminal examinations, thus no exeats will be given during the period except for emergencies.

1. School functions and gatherings are compulsory for all students.

1st Term
2nd Week In September – 2nd Week In December

2nd Term
2nd Week In January – 1st Week In April

3rd Term
4th Week In April – Last Week In July


01. Rising – 5:00 am
02. Working Time – 5:40 am
03. Inspection Time – 6:05 am
04. Morning Assembly – 6:40 am
05. Classes – 7:00 am
06. Breakfast – 8:20 am
07. Classes – 8:45 am
08. Break – 11:25am
09. Classes – 11:40 am
10. Lunch – 2:35pm
11. Rest Hour – (2:55-3:55) pm
12. Co-curricular activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays – 5:00 pm
13. Supper – 6:00 pm
14. Evening Studies – 6:35pm
15. Lights Out – 9:00pm


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