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Prempeh college launch 70th anniversary

Launch of the Prempeh college endowment fund

From: Snr. Kwabena Nyarko (President, NEC)
Snr. Ernest Asante-Appiah (Director, PEF)

To All Amanfoɔ:

Dear Seniors,

On behalf of the Directors of Prempeh Endowment Fund (PEF), the National Executive Council of Amanfoɔ, and special guest of honor, His Excellency Former President J. A. Kufuor, we are delighted to announce the formal launch of the endowment fund. This is one in a series of events commemorating the 70th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the school. The event is scheduled to take place at 4:00 pm on Thursday, April 4th at the British Council, Accra, Ghana.

Yes, three score and ten years ago, our beloved alma mater, Prempeh College, was founded with an ambitious mission to educate and inculcate endearing social values in students embodied in our motto “Suban Ne Nimdeɛ”. The dream is alive and well seven decades into the life of the school. Today, we can boast of many achievements Amanfoɔ have accomplished in all walks of life. That is why we are celebrating this milestone.

The moniker, Amanfoɔ, not only describes academic excellence and success associated with Prempeh alumni but also a sense of family, honor, duty and commitment to the school – this is what endears us as Seniors. This unique ethos has survived the many generations despite significant obstacles and cultural changes over the decades. The current state of affairs while particularly challenging can be similarly surmounted with significant support from Amanfoɔ, benefactors, parents, the administration, and government.

While we have staunchly provided financial support for the school as individuals, concerned groups of alumni and regional associations, it is clear a unified, concerted effort is required to provide a sustained funding solution that will survive in perpetuity. To this end, we have established a global endowment fund, PEF, for the sole benefit of Prempeh College. Any alumnus/alumnae or benefactor can contribute to the fund. The immediate target goals for the fund are to raise $1 million each year for the next 5 years. We are counting on all alumni and benefactors to make this happen.

Please join us at the British Council on April 4th to support the launch.

Floreat Prempeh College!

Gh high schools, your our mater..our matter!!

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