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Archbishop porter shs
Apart from diarrhoea, the affected students also vomited with some passing out

Archbishop Porter: 60 food-poisoned students discharged

Students of Archbishop Porter Girls’ Senior High School (SHS) in the Western Region who were admitted to the hospital following a food poisoning incident, have all been treated and discharged.

The students, numbering about 60, were released from the Holy Child Hospital, Fijai, in the afternoon of Friday, 29 March 2019, Class91.3FM’s Abraham Mensah reported.

Earlier, the Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr Sylvester Fameye, told Class News that the situation overwhelmed the facility.

“There is a vegetable seller at Archbishop Porter, and according to them, some of the vegetables she usually sold to the students, some were left, she kept it in a fridge. So, those who ate from the one that she kept in the fridge started having diarrhoea, and we call that food poisoning,” he disclosed.

Apart from diarrhoea, the affected students also vomited, with some passing out.

Dr Fameye also said he had been told by the headmistress of the school that the poisoning was “not from their kitchen because if it were to be from their kitchen, almost all the students would be affected but in this case a section of the students”.

Its rather unfortunate but gh high schools, we are supporting all victims in prayers and wish you all speedy recovery

gh high schools, your alma mater.. our matter!!

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