Accra Aca

Accra High School is celebrating its 95th Anniversary with pomp and pageantry under the theme: “Mitigating the challenges of education, the role of stakeholders.”
The celebration began on November 10, 2018, with a walk.
Some programmes have been put in place to mark the anniversary.
The school organized a mentorship and career development to aid students in making rational career choices.
Again, as part of the celebration, the school organized the much awaited “Onukpai Pre Homecoming night.”
This was followed by the homecoming on November 17, 2018Accra Aca
The school will hold a public lecture, where a documentary on the school’s 95-year journey will be premiered.
On November 24, the school will organize a speech and prize giving day, bringing the alumni, continuing students and teachers together to climax the entire celebration.
A thanksgiving service will then be held to seal the celebration.
Finally, on December 1, 2018, there would be a dinner organized with the purpose of raising funds to assist the school in its developmental projects.
The School’s Administration in collaboration with the Alumni (Onukpai) is calling on all stakeholders, parents, and students to be part of the historic moment.

Gh high schools network says ‘Ayekoo’ congrats. You’ve come a long way. May God continue to bless this great school Accra Academy.


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