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Campus life
A guide to surviving high school

A Guide to Surviving High school

Campus life
A guide to surviving high school

Are you worried about how to make it through your high school successfully? worry no more, We’ve got you covered, read these tips.

*Don’t give in to peer pressure

You might hear it all the time right? but that is because its so important: Learn to be yourself! people will respect you more for who you are and gravitate towards you if you don’t follow the crowd. It takes a lot of courage to be your own person and to be comfortable in your own skin, but doing so will not only boost your confidence, it will make you the “cool” one.

**Be Punctual in Class 

The earlier you are for classes, the more your teacher will respect you and take you seriously. That’ ll be huge when you want to change project partners when you are buddied up with a slacker, or if you need an extension on that approaching test.

**Dress to impress:

Trust me your appearance speak a lot about you. Fine print; not to impress others but to impress yourself. Studies show that taking care of your appearance in the morning boosts your confidence and performance throughout the day. You’ll not only look great and smart but you will win and get the straight A’s

**Don’t rush:

Here’s a bit of guy advice: you don’t have to find BF as soon as you get into high school. Although it may seem tempting to leap into a relationship, explore your options and befriend lotsa cuties to see who you mesh with. You’ll have more important things to worry about than dude dilemmas! The boys/ girls will never disappear- that I can guarantee so take your time.

**Don’t skip class:

We all have days when the last thing we want to do is head to class, but unless you’re really sick or have a family emergency, it’s best to sit your bum in that seat. It can be really hard to catch up on even just one class in high school, so if you can really be there then, well, be in class.

**Mingle with old and new:

Meeting a diverse group of people will in turn make you more cultured and open to different ideas, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need your old buds. Hang on to your squad- in High school, It’s totally cool to be a social circle butterfly. And who wouldn’t want to have tons of better HS friends which you can always find and meet them on www.ghhighschools.com.

**Reinvent yourself:

If there are things you didn’t like about yourself in Junior High school- low self confidence, serious slacker tendencies- you can make a total transformation before the first day. Here’s to the new you, visit www.misociallife.com.

**Don’t be Extravagant

When your parents give you the freedom to hang out with your girls solo/ friends at the mall on the weekend, they are also giving you free reign over your bank account. Remember you are a Babe on a budget, so getting a part time job and handling your money responsibly is essential

**Find a good study buddy/Partner

Got a tough test on a particular subject? Instead of going to your desk to struggle solo, join a study group that can make the most of man-power and explain concepts your are getting. But remember: This is a study group not a gossip sesh! save the chit chat and Lols  for when you celebrate getting an A!

**Don’t let a relationship consume your campus life

In as much as relationships are fab, your education should always come first. Make sure your bae knows this and create some sort of “work then play schedule for texting and facetiming during weekends that’s if you are a day student.

**Do not Procrastinate

Are afraid of being bullied, procrastination is seriously your largest enemy from on. The best way to avoid the delay? create a homework schedule and stick to it. Jot down all assignments in a pretty planner and finish things sooner rather than later, so you can have time for a few penpals on www.ghhighschools.com before going to bed.

**Do make  friend with a senior student:

Befriend a senior who is an upperclassman who can give you the low down of teachers, classes and the ‘nitty gritties’ of freshman year at your new school. Also having an older BFF can be nice when you need a new perspective on a tricky sitch.

**Try and Challenge yourself:

Instead of going for the easy A, pick a class or club that is out of your comfort zone. Hello, broader horizons plus, you’ ll feel “super” accomplished when you ace that tricky exam!

**Manage our weekends properly:

When your workload increases during high school, you will need to make smart sacrifices, like skipping a party Friday night to work on your project so that you can have enough free time with your crew on Saturday. If you are careful about balancing schoolwork with social life, you’ ll be able to get it all done and have a blast.

**Don’t get in trouble:

High school is not the time to get in trouble for unnecessary things because this time, it may affect your college application process. If you get caught drinking, doing drugs, cheating or anything else of that sort, you school may have the ability to suspend you or expel you for it. I believe you really don’t want to have something like that on your high school level transcript, so make smart choices!

**Don’t forget your family:

Just because you’re really busy doesn’t mean that you can just ditch your fam. Save some time to talk and hang out with them. Parents and sibs can always provide some of the best advice and reality checks. Don’t forget that your family will always have your back.

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