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      Some of these trend hairstyles are still very popular today. Above all the bob. It is available in countless shapes, styles and variants, from long bob to classic chin-length cut or fringed bob. Other current trend hairstyles have their origins in the 1970s, when Brigitte Bardot wore her blonde mane to today’s trendy beach waves. Unforgettable is the stylish, loosely combined upper head, which gives long hair plenty of volume and is now absolutely in vogue under the catchphrase “retro style”.

      Today, what is fun is allowed on our heads! Whether casual looks with a good central parting, hair in undone styling or everything that the flat iron gives – from indicated waves to smooth tips or a movement in the hair that is limited to the middle of the hair. Another trend: a sleek hairline that changes in length, for example, into soft curls or into a stylish creped mane. And even if we may not be able to hear it anymore: the bob is and remains a trendy hairstyle! Perhaps the most iconic ever.

      Iconic trend hairstyles with a new look
      His latest offshoot, the Clavi-Cut, won’t change that. Its name is the short form of the English word for clavicle (clavicle) and also indicates the correct length of this trend haircut. A cut that not only looks cool, but is also ideal as a transition hairstyle. Provided that it is slightly longer than shorter at the front! So it flatters – just like the bob – almost every face shape and also shines with versatile portability.

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