Ghhighschools.com is one of the reputable blog sites in Ghana and the world at large. Because all the dignitaries you can count of that have pass through the education system visits www.ghhighschools.com
From Religious leaders, political leaders, Traditional leaders and you our current cherish visitor
Your responsibilities:
1. You can mentor and be mentored
2. You can post a relevant educative topic for discussion
3. You can advice and share your life experience to motivate others
4. You have the right to brag about your school
A common platform where you can find all the Senior High School’s.
This platform is to enable current students and old students to chat and let the whole world know about their school’s capability
Mission: to create a platform for both High school students and old students to get connected Objectives:
The hottest forum ever is going to give all students who have completed SHS, who are yet to enrol into SHS and students who are currently on campus the opportunity to transfer knowledge as they discuss on educative and relevant topics To make known the Ghanaian high schools to the world To connect the old students to those on campus To show the world the kind of social life in Ghanaian high schools To raise funds to support projects in various schools A connection to help people get jobs after school An educative site that helps high schools (students) to learn about the importance of studying hard
GH High Schools, your alma mater… our matter
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